Thang Long Eco Brush

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  • Paint type

    Oil-based & Water-based paint

  • Bristle


  • Handle


  • Ferrule

    Tin Plated

  • Size

    1" | 1.5" | 2" | 2.5" | 3" | 4"


  • Product code


  • Size

    1" | 1.5" | 2" | 2.5" | 3" | 4"

  • Colour


  • Weight

    14 gram - 42 gram


  • Carton dimension

    0.62 m x 0.46 m x 0.46 m

  • Carton gross weight

    1.5 kg

  • Carton net weight

    1"-47.5 kg | 1.5"-49.5 kg | 2"-44 kg | 2.5"-34 kg | 3"-43.5 kg | 4"-42 kg

  • Packing

    1"-3,264 | 1.5"-2,400 | 2"-1,764 | 2.5"-1,080 , 3"-1,200 | 4"-960

  • Volume

    0.1312 m3

Structure of Thang Long Eco Paint brush


Thang Long Eco brushes with 100% synthetic filament, will forward you the high stability and smooth finish. They are suitable for use with water and oil-based paints.

Long, thick brush head helps paint flow for better coverage. It “pumps the paint” out to the surface and improves cutting-in. Filament Paintbrush satisfy the strict requirements of Vietnamese market.

Synthetic fibers are now a worldwide common trend. Thanh Binh Paintbrush is proud to be a pioneer in bringing synthetic fiber to the Vietnamese market. With a carefully invested synthetic fiber Paintbrush production line, Thanh Binh wishes to bring a new economical and effective construction solution to customers.

thăng long eco


The ferrules of Thang Long Eco brush are made of rust-proof tin-plated. They are assembled to withstand impact during construction and creating bring you the durability and long shelf life.

Thanh Binh had invested in the most advanced production technology, and created ferrules with a simple structure but still ensuring quality. The ferrules can hold the bristle to reduce shedding. At the same time, this is also an effective measure to reduce distortion after using for a while.


Lightweight yellow plastic handle embossed with the Thang Long logo. Thang Long Eco’s handles are very durable and reusable.

Although they are made of plastic, Thanh Binh has researched and improved the handle to optimize the size of the user’s hand. At the same time, Thang Long Eco still also ensure comfort and a firm grip when painting.


Can be used with water and oil-based paints. Ideal for oil-based paints because of their 100% new technology synthetic filament bristle.

Can be used on textured surfaces like wall, wood, metal…

Buy Authentic Thang Long Eco Paint brushes

Thanh Binh Paintbrush is the leading quality Paint roller, Paintbrush and Supporting tools for construction brand in Vietnam. With more than 60 years of experience, we are confident in the quality of our products.

Thang Long Eco brushes are invested and researched by Thanh Binh before being put into production, so it can fully meet the standards in terms of materials, design, applicability, and price.

Customers can buy Thang Long Eco at more than 4000 agents nationwide.

If you want to become an agent of Thanh Binh, you can contact us directly. At Thanh Binh, you will get:

  • Genuine products with warranty
  • Reasonable price, high discount
  • Many promotions and gifts
  • Fast delivery in 24h
  • Free consultation or directly order Phone +848 3851 1951
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